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First Words with Consonant Digraphs


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This section contains consonant digraph spelling sheets. The consonant digraphs included are the initial and final digraphs sh, ch, th, the initial digraphs wh, qu, and the final digraphs ng, ck, ll. These tracing sheets can be used to practice spelling out easy English words. Good for both kids who speak English as a second language and English as a first language.


Consonant Digraphs Both Initial and Final:

     Digraph SH:       fish          dish          ship                                shell        shop        wash

     Digraph CH:       chat         chip         chop                                chin        chick         rich

     Digraph TH:       bath         three        math

                               thick         thin


Consonant Digraphs (Usually) Initial:

     Digraph WH:       whale         wheel                   

     Digraph QU:        queen        quiet       

     Digraph KN:         knife          knee


Consonant Digraphs Final

     Digraph NG:       ring         king         sing         fang       wing         

     Digraph LL:        bell          doll         hill         ball      shell      tall      wall     

     Digraph CK:       rock        duck       truck        chick     sock     sick     lick     thick


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All resources created by Chris Gunn.

  All materials (c) 2009 Lanternfish ESL