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Glossary of ESL terms


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Passive Voice Flashcards

Scientis/Artist Vocabulary and Passive Voice


    Painted by Picasso.

Written by Shakespeare.

Invented by Bell.


assive voice flashcards for ESL passives!


Job Flashcards

Job vocabulary

Relative Clauses


A Dentist:

Someone who fixes teeth.

A Policeman:

A person who catches thieves.


Sample job card.








Scientist Flashcards

Kinds of Scientists

Relative Clauses


An anthropologist:

Someone who studies human cultures.



Oceanographer: A sample flashcard for teaching about science!


Animal Bodies

Animal body parts



An animal with claws.

An animal with fur.


An animal with tusks: Sample card.








 Animal Behaviour Flashcards

Scientific words related to animal behaviour.


A nocturnal animal.

An aquatic animal.

An extinct animal.




 Space Explorer Cards

Vocabulary related to industry, economy and science


Constructing a Space Station

Mining an Asteroid

Producing Space Suits


 Sample flashcard: An astronaut constructing a spaceship.







The Wizard Cards

Cooking Vocabulary and Imperatives


     Stir five times.

     Add some spider juice.

     Boil for twenty minutes.

     Say, "Abra Cadabra."



 The Spaceship Cards

Planets and Space Vocabulary


     A spaceship taking off from venus.

     A spaceship flying over a crator.

     A spaceship flying past a nebula.









The Health and Safety Cards

Vocabulary for basic illness and ailments.


have a nosebleed


have a bee sting


have a cramp



 The Superhero Cards


Modal 'Can'


can see through walls


can fly










 Prepositions of Movement


walk across a log


crawl through grass





 Classroom Flashcards


hand in an assignment


take a test


go on a field trip







 Continents and Oceans


Indian Ocean


Pacific Ocean







 Rooms in a House

A witch in the bedroom.

A dragon in the backyard.