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Content Questions Curriculum





The Content Questions Curriculum contains about 100 mini units (scroll down for a list) centered around a content question such as what do seeds need to grow? There is also a board game that teachers can download for reviewing the units in this curriculum: The Content Questions Board Game. All of the materials found here can also be found in the young learners section: Young Learners.


Each unit consists of a reading packet puzzle, a few worksheets and a reading selection. The order that I present the materials to students is as follows:


(1) Day 1 in Class: I go over the reading packet puzzles with the kids and then I have the kids do the reading packet puzzles twice on their own. When they finish, they read them to me and I correct pronunciation and make sure they have solved them correctly. Finally, they try to answer the content question on their own without the aid of the reading packet puzzles.


(2) Day 1 Homework: Kids take the reading packet puzzles home and do them 4 times at home (preferably with a parent present). I also send the worksheets home, especially the sentence writing worksheet.


(3) Day 2 in Class: Kids solve the reading packet puzzle in front of me one more time so I can confirm they have it down pat. I take the puzzles away and then ask the question again and they answer it unaided. I hand out the reading selection for the unit. We go over the reading selection with the kids reading it and I check comprehension to make sure they understand it. Hopefully, the reading packet puzzle will have prepared the students for the reading selection. The kids read it in class once and if I have time they read it to me.


(4) Day 2 Homework: Kids take the reading selection home and read it three times alone and then they read it one more time in front of a parent and get the parent to sign.


(5) Day 3 in Class: I check that parents have signed and I get the kids to read the reading selection one more time.


Doing the content questions units takes about a quarter to half of the one hour class for each of the three days. The rest of the time is spent focusing on other things such as reviewing past lessons, playing language games, or learning something else.


Content Question Units

(New units will be made available as they are written)



What do seeds need to grow?
What happens
at night?

What happens during a storm?   What happens
on Halloween?

What are the
five sense?
  What happens
in fall?

How do
things feel?
  What are baby animals called?

How do things taste? What are animal groups called?

What do animals
need to live?
What happens
at dawn?

How do people
get to work?
How do people exercise?

What can you do
in the city?
What can you do
in the country?

How do good kids behave?   How do animals move?

What do kids need to grow? What happens
on a farm?

How do people relax?   How do people communicate?

What happens
  Where do
animals live?

Where do
fish live?
  When do
people celebrate?

What do friends
do together?
What do kids do at the beach?

What happens in
What happens
on Christmas?
What do people
wear in winter?

(combines with wintertime unit above)
How do you
decorate a
Christmas tree?
(combines with Christmas unit above)

What do kids do when it snows?  
What are the
four seasons?
What tools do
people use?
  How do arctic animals survive?
How do desert
plants survive?
How do sick people get better?

What do kids do
at night?
What do people
do in the
What do kids do
at school?
What happens
during recess?

What chores do you have to do?
What errands do you have to run?

What happens
in spring?

What do kids
do at camp?

How do animals
get ready for

How do you make a jack-o'-lantern?

What animals
 live in the sea?
How did early humans live?

What animals
live in the forest?
What animals
live on a farm?

What do you see
in the sky?

Describe a room.

What happens
during an earthquake?

What happens
during an

What animals live in the desert?
What animals live in the jungle?
What animals
live in the wetland?
How do
you make a



Tons more teaching materials for young learners in the Young Learners section!