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Animal Body Parts

Card Games and Worksheet Activities


Time: 2 hours


The purpose of this lesson is to elementary to middle school students vocabulary for describing animals.


The teacher will need to print off the following worksheets:

Animal Body Parts Introduction Sheet


Name that Animal Worksheet


Odd Animal Out Worksheet (Hard)


Odd Animal Out Worksheet (Easy)


Animal Odd One Out Contrast


Animal Odd One Out Compare


As well, the teacher should make 1 set of Animal Body Parts Cards for every 4-5 students that are in the class.


Hour One

Tell the students that you will be describing animals. Handout the introduction sheet. Explain each term one by one and ask students to provide a few examples of animals that have each characteristic. Practice the pronunciation of each term.

Break the students up into groups of 4-5 and play the animal body parts card game. This should take over 30 minutes. Review the vocabulary items.

Hour Two

Ask the students if they remember the animal body parts that they studied in hour one. Briefly review them. Then go over the worksheet "Name That Animal".

Play the card game again. After the card game is finished. Go over the "Odd Animal Out" worksheet.

As an optional review you can do the Describing Animals Crossword or you can play the Describe, Compare, and Contrast Animals Game.

There are also worksheets on this topic for younger learners at:

Young Learner's Compare and Contrast

Further Lesson Ideas for Animal Parts

Sent in by Stewart Clarke


Animal Parts Activities


Animal Top Trumps




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Target Language:

Vocabulary Items:

antlers, claws, fins, fur, gills, hooves, horns, paws, scales, shells, spots, stripes, tentacles, tusks, wings



An animal with horns

An animal with tentacles.

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