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Little Letters Alphabet Coloring Sheets



These coloring sheets combine three simple activities to help young children recognize the small letters of the English alphabet. First, children trace the letter, then they color the letter, and, finally, they circle the letter.




Little A: A is for alligator.

Little B: B is for banana.

Little C: C is for cake.

Little D: D is for dolphin.

Little E: E is for eleven.

Little F: F is for foot.

Little G: G is for gorilla.

Little H: H is for house.

Little I: I is for Icicle.

Little J: J is for Jar.

Little K: K is for kitten.

Little L: L is for ladybug.

Little M: M is for mouse.


Little N: N is for nine.

Little O: O is for otter.

LittleP: P is for peacock.

Little Q: Q is for question.

Little R: R is for raccoon.

Little S: S is for scarecrow.

Little T: T is for tadpole.

Little U: U is for unicorn.

Little V: V is for volcano.

Little W: W is for watermelon.

Little X: X is for boX.

Little Y: Y is for yarn.

Little Z: Z is for zebra.


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