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Summer Olympic Worksheets


Click here for our Winter Olympics Worksheets


Lanternfish has a variety of ESL worksheets and activities for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. 


What is an event where the athletes use paddles? What is an event where athletes swim, run, and bike?


Olympic Crossword  1 Easy          Olympic Crossword 2 Easy 

Olympic Crossword 3 Intermediate          Olympic Crossword  4  Advanced



Scrambled Olympic Events:

Students unscramble the events to find out a secret riddle. Then they have to figure out the answer. 

 Olympic Riddle


 A Word Search:

Students find 41 Olympic events hidden in a large grid:


Olympic Word Search


Olympic Word Scramble:

Students try to make as many words as they can out of the phrase 'OLYMPIC GAMES'  

Olympic Games


Relative Clause Grammar Practice:

Students try to make a definition of the various Olympic events using a relative clause and sports vocabulary. 

Definition of Events


Olympic Rhymes:

A simple rhyming worksheets to practice sports vocabulary.


Olympic Rhymes


Summer Olympics Bingo:

A bingo card generator for events in the summer olympics.


Summer Olympics Bingo

Summer Olympics Verbs:

Students write verbs associated with Olympic events.


Summer Olympics Verbs

Olympic History Activity:

Class conversation activity. Each student is given a bit of history of the Olympics that they try to communicate and then the class takes a test on the history of the Olympics.


History of the Olympics Activity  


Other Sports Worksheets:

A series of worksheets for other sporting events.


Sports Worksheets

Olympics Dialogues:

Dialogues with a summer Olympics theme sent in by Beth Green


Olympics Dialogues

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