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Could You Do Me a Favour?

A Requests Role-play by Chris Gunn





Caller's Activity Sheet


Receivers Activity Sheet


Caller's Favours Role Cards


Receiver's Favours Role Cards






Purpose and Audience:


The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice making requests. The materials are intended for false beginners to lower intermediate students. The language points covered in this lesson are:


                            Would you mind doing me a favour?

                            Could you do me a favour?

                            Could I ask a favour of you?

                            Would you mind . . .ing . . . ?

                            Could you . . . ?




After your introduction, make a few requests from students using the language points above: Could I ask you a favour? Would you mind opening the door for me? Could you do me a favour? Would you wipe the board for me? After about ten requests, ask the class to try to remember what you just asked. Usually, they will just remember the actual request such as open the door. If that is the case, ask them how you said it. Write any expressions they come up with on the board. Then cover the other expressions that they couldn't remember.



Class Set-up:


The class is divided into two groups: callers and receivers. The callers are at work and running late. They will call their roommates (receivers) and request a favour. The roommates will do the favour and in turn ask the caller to pick up something on the way home from work. Callers get an activity A sheet and a role card. Receivers get an activity B sheet and a role-card. Receivers sit facing the wall and callers sit behind the receivers as in the picture to the right. When a caller wants to make a call, they tap the receiver on the shoulder and say, "Bring! Bring!"


Class Activity:


Callers sit down behind the receivers, tap them on the shoulders and the conversation begins. Callers inform the receivers that the callers will be home late. The callers ask the receivers to do some favour at home. The receivers ask the callers to pick up something on the way home. Both callers and receivers fill out the tables on their activity sheets.





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