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Surveys for ESL Classes



Surveys are a great way to get a class talking. They can be focused on a grammar point or they can be focused on an area of content area. I've included a few here along with a blank template. Every teacher will run his or her class differently, but I generally have a warm-up where I look at a language point and then get the students to walk around and survey as many other students as they can. After they are finished, they sit down, write up their results and then present them to the class.


The surveys are in MS Word format so they are easy to edit to customize for different classes and level. If you make another survey with the blank template and would like to contribute it, please send it to me at gunnchris(a)


Survey on Annoying Habits: Focus is on talking about what bugs or annoys people. It goes well with this worksheet on annoying habits. You'll also need a survey results sheet.


Survey on Hypothetical Situations: Focus is on the modal 'would' used in 'what if' situations. You'll also need a survey results sheet.


Survey on Education: Focus is on the modal 'should' used in talking about ideal situations.


Survey on Contentious Issues: Focus is on opinions stems and expressing opinions. Goes well with this language sheet on opinion stems. You'll also need a survey results sheet.


Survey on Past Progressive: Focus is on the past progressive and past perfect progressive. It goes well with this past progressive worksheet and past perfect progressive worksheet.


Survey on Movies: Focus is on movie vocabulary.


Survey on Food and Restaurants: An easy survey to get students talking about restaurants and foods. Also covers frequency questions.


Blank Template and Survey Results Sheet: Make your own surveys.






Here is a selection of worksheets available for adult learners:


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