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Vowel Combinations/Vowel Digraphs: Phonics

Vowel combinations, (vowel digraphs, r-controlled vowels, dipthongs), can be either a combination of two vowels as in 'oa', 'ea' or 'ai', or a combination of a vowel plus a consonant where the consonant does not make a distinct sound as in 'aw', 'oy' or 'ow'. It is important to recognize these combinations because they can not be sounded out from the composite letters.




Vowel Combinations


EE (bee, tree, feet)


EA (eat, sea, read)


 OW (cow, town, clown)


EW (newt, screw, jewel)


AR (car, farm, barn)


AIR (stair, hair, chair)





AI (rain, train, snail)


OA (boat, goat, soap)


OU (cloud, house, mouse)


OI (coin, oil, point)


OR (fort, stork, horse)




OO (moon, zoo, baboon)


IR (girl, bird, shirt)


AW (hawk, draw, claw)


OY (boy, toy, joy)


AY (day, play, hay)


Phonic Monsters:

A fantastic collection of phonics cards that children can use to make word monsters.



Spaces Aces:

Space Aces is a game with extensive resources that can be used to review vowel digraphs.






Here is a selection of worksheets available for young learners:



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