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A Word War Game for Teaching the Dolch First and Second Grade Word List





The Dolch Knights Grade 1 Version:

Knights Cards 1    Knight Cards 2    Knight Cards 3    Knight Cards 4    Knight Cards 5


The Dolch Knights Grade 2 Version:

Knights Cards 1    Knight Cards 2    Knight Cards 3    Knight Cards 4    Knight Cards 5


The Dolch Monsters: (Only one army need be printed)

The Goblin Army                                    The Skeleton Army



Preparation: The teacher or tutor will need to download and print the Dolch Knight Army and one of the monster armies. The knights should be pasted onto poster board and cut out so that the word is on one side and the knight is on the other. The monster armies do not have a word on the other side. More than one monster armies are listed to add variety so that the game can be repeated several times.


How to Play: The student lays their knights on the battlefield with the words facing down. The teacher or tutor lays the monsters on the battlefield. Some monsters require one knight to defeat them and some monsters require 2 or 3 knights to defeat them.

Battles: The teacher or tutor puts one monster onto the battlefield. The child puts the required number of knights onto the battlefield to defeat the monster. Then the child flips up the knights to see what words are there. If the child recognizes the words and can say them, the knights are victorious. If not, the monster is victorious. In battles with monsters that require more than 1 knight to defeat them, it??all or none. That is, all the knights must be victorious or they all perish!

Victorious monsters go into the victorious monster pile and victorious knights go into the victorious knight pile. After all of the monsters have gone into the battlefield once. The child counts the surviving knights and then mixes ALL of the knights up again and draws at random the number of knights that survived. (Mixing all of the knights together is important to ensure that the child will get some words they are uncertain of i.e. some of the losing knights from the last round). The teacher gets to put the victorious monsters back onto the battlefield. The battle ends when all of the knights or all of the monsters are dead. If the king dies, then the knights automatically disband and lose the battle.






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