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Glossary of ESL terms


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Amounts and Containers Flashcards

Food plus ways to quantify food items.


    A cup of tea.

A pot of coffee.

A glass of juice.

A bottle of ketchup



 Team Sports Flashcards

Lots of sports action words.

A goalie making a save.

A referee calling a penalty.


 Sample sports flashcard.







 Spring Flashcards

Terms related to the season spring.


A farmer planting seeds.

Birds hatching from their eggs.


 A sample flashcard: A farmer planting seeds.

 Summer Flashcards

Terms related to the season summer.


A woman with a sunburn.

Kids selling lemonade.


 Summer flashcards.







 Clothes Flashcards

Clothes and adjectives that collocate well with clothes items


A black leather jacket

polka dot pajamas


 Clothes flashcards for ESL

 Fall Flashcards

Terms related to the season fall.


A farmer harvesting crops.

Leaves changing colors.


 A sample flashcard: leaves Changing Color







 Greek Myths

Main characters and events in Greek mythology


Athena Goddess of Wisdom

Theseus and the Minotaur


 Sample Greek Myth Card: Athena Goddess of Wisdom

 Medieval Life

Knights and life in the medieval ages


A knight leaving the castle.

A peasant toiling in the fields.

A herald blowing his horn.


 A sample flashcard: A knight leaving the castle.








12 basic emotions


Sad because your best friend moved.

Relieved because you passed your test.


 Sample Emotion Flashcard: Sad because friend is moving.


 The basic characters from many children's fairytales.


A dragon breathing fire.

A mermaid sitting on a rock.

A wizard casting a spell.


 Fairytale Flashcard Sample: A fairy waving her wand.







 Animal Collective Nouns


A pack of wolves.

A herd of bison.

A school of mackerel.

A pod of whales.

A swarm of bees.



 Collective Nouns of Animals Sample Flashcard: A Pack of Wolves.

 Simile Cards

Using similes to describe an alien world.


An alien that looks like an octopus.

A creature that swims like a fish.


A sample simile card. 





 Shapes, Numbers, Colors

 Adjective Order


Two green diamonds.

One red circle.


 Sample shape, color, number flashcard.